Meet Pickles The super-sized tomcat who is over three feet long and weighs 21 pounds


Reported by: Barcroft TV
At almost 21 pounds and 40 inches long, colossal kitty Pickles is a monster moggy. He was rehomed twice because he didn’t play well with other cats – but he’s now found a loving home where his size doesn’t matter. New owners Andrew Milicia and Emily Zervos adopted problem pet Pickles after spotting him at a Boston MSPCA shelter — and are still getting to grips with their giant cat.


Pickles is also known as the Catasaurus Cat because of his huge body




Andrew said ‘When we first saw Pickles he looked like such a beast – but he looked really cool. He’s actually bigger than some dogs.

‘It didn’t take him long to make himself at home and now he takes up most of the couch when he’s laid out’



“He really doesn’t know his size at all, he thinks he’s just a little kitten still. He’s a ladies man, he definitely like cuddling up with me alot”  Emily said.



Pickles is definitely part of the family now. He’s so much fun. We love him.


images via Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft Media