10 most effective ways to organize your cat

Want to make your cats happy without buying expensive cat toys and stuffs? Well, this ameowzing list will surely help you and your fur-baby!

1. Just look for an old or unused bookshelf and place it anywhere in your house. You’ll be surprised on how your cat will react after.




2. It doesn’t matter if it’s empty or not, a Laundry Basket will still be one of the best spots in your house according to your cat



4. Who would knew that file folders would also be a great way to organize cat(s).




5. Too many Cats to organize? No problem!.



6. If you have stack-able baskets in your house, now is the time to empty it.



7. Cheapest but effective way to satisfy your fur-baby




8. You don’t have to buy cat condos to make your cats happy




9. What’s the most expensive gift you can give to your cat? MOVING BOXES!


008    009




10. We’re running out of space.




Turns out that big cats love boxes too!

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