2-Day Old Kitten Covered in Maggots Rescued by an Unlikely Angel

The story actually begins with Lia’s puppy Opie finding Roscoe (2-Day Old Kitten) in a field behind their apartment building. Poor Roscoe was found under a log and covered with maggots. Opie refused to leave the baby kitten, and before they knew it they were bringing him home.

2-Day Old Kitten 1
Rosco was Only 2 days old when he was rescued by Opie. Roscoe’s Umbilical cord is still attached.

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2-Day Old Kitten and kind puppy
Opie, a beautiful Lab/Pug mix was outside of his home with his owner when he heard the weak mewling of a young kitten. He sniffed it out and refused to leave until his owner did something. The young kitten was just two days old, not even old enough to open his eyes, but was already having a terrible life. He was stuck under a log, abandoned by his mother and slowly being eaten alive by maggots.


Credits: pawmanefin | Imgur

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