20 Year Old Cat Won’t Stop Purring After Getting Adopted

oswald the cat cant stop purring

Meet Oswald the cat! The 20-year-old cat who can’t stop purring after someone gave him a forever home. Oswald was brought to the shelter at the age of 20; that is nearly 100 years old when converted to human years.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League

“He was surrendered to a shelter without a name or much of a hope,” Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League told Love Meow.

Karyn decided to take Oswald out of the shelter and transfer him into her cat sanctuary where Oswald could stay for the rest of his life. Nothing can stop Oswald from exploring the place despite being old and having weak bones.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Unlike most cats, Oswald loves to take a bath and was so thankful when his new mom cleaned him.

“This guy is a champ. He let me bathe him, and he ate all of the food I put down for him, all he wanted was some chin scritches,” Karyn said.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League

“He has the grumpiest old man face but he just loves people. He’s a talker too!”

Who would think that this old, grumpy looking cat would be the sweetest purring machine when he’s with his rescuer.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Since Oswald arrived in his new home, he hasn’t stopped purring. “He wants you to know he loves you.”

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