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    No Fear Rat Cuddles Up Next To Kitten

    Here’s something you don’t see very often! Watch as a Rat curls up next to a sleeping kitty. It’s clear that these two adorable buddies really love being with each other despite their differences. how amazing is that? Credits: Kyoot Animals [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″] More

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    Sweet Tiny Kittens Sleeping in Hands Compilation

    Having a tiny kitten sleeping and purring on the palm of your hand just have to be one of the cutest thing ever! If you’re having a bad day just sit back, relax and watch these precious little kittens. They’re absolutely the best antidote and will surely turn your bad day around! Share this video with […] More

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    Pinay, The Stowaway Cat Travels Astonishing 7300 miles Without Food

    A 4-year-old ginger cat from the Philippines stowed away in a container ship headed from Manila, Philippines, to Los Angeles is gaining weight and getting stronger after the 7300-mile trip without food and water left it near death. The LA County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) said the cat was found inside a freight container at a business […] More

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    10 Cats playing in a pool of colorful balls

    Osamu the cat is really enjoying the new playground given by their human while the other 9 cats are still trying to figure out how this colorful thing works. Watch their reaction when they saw Osamu playing inside the pool of colorful balls. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Harvey the rescue cat who was born without leg bones

    From: SWNS TV Harvey the four-month-old rescue kitten is looking forward to a purr-fect future despite being born with bones missing from his front legs. The floppy feline, who has a rare condition called Radial Agenesis, was spotted and saved from a cruel owner – who sold him on GUMTREE. An X-ray revealed that Harvey’s […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Your Next Cat Should Be an Adopted Black Cat

    It’s undeniable that most of us are familiar with these beliefs and superstitions that surround black cats originating deep in the mists of time when our ancestors (bless them) were a bit more gullible. Most of us know that these superstitions are not true but our enlightenment has still not made things much easier for […] More

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    Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens For The Very First Time.

    Do you know what happens when Giant men meet tiny kittens?  These big guys were reluctant about meeting cats and thought they were big enough to resist the cuteness of these tiny kittens. Watch how they respond when they were forced to visit a feral cat rescue center and hold a kitten for the first time.  Their reaction is so cute! [mashshare […] More

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    German Shepherd adopts Orphan Kittens

    By: CreekValleyCritters   My German shepherd Brooke was a great help as I raised some orphan kittens for the animal shelter. I fed them, she was responsible for washing and toileting. This combination worked great and all four grew up as healthy as if they had been raised by their own mom.   Soon they will […] More

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