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    Girl Reads With Kitten on Her Head

    Everyone needs a good study buddy! Is it easier or harder to keep reading your book with an adorable kitten on top of your head? WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE Via SeregaOSV | Poke My Heart Like us on Facebook for more [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   More

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    Frozen Kitten Finds New Best Friend

    Here’s an amazing story of a kitten who was found frozen in the snow and brought back to life. A youtube vlogger Branden Bingham shares the amazing story of this rescued kitten that captured his heart instantly. Read the story below. Thanksgiving morning we awoke to about a foot of freshly fallen snow! It was […] More

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    Man opens Mosque doors for stray cats, melting hearts worldwide

    Reported by: Buzz60 A religious leader in Istanbul opened a mosque’s doors to give stray kittens and cats shelter during the cold winter months. The place of worship has now become synonymous with cats, with observers sharing pictures and videos on social media. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”] [adinserter block=”4″] More

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    Ultimate Cat Lady: Woman Shares Her Home With 1,100 Felines

    Reported by: Barcroft TV A caring cat lady has given up her 4,200 square foot home to more than a thousand felines. Sixty-seven-year-old Lynea Lattanzio now lives in a trailer on her six acre property and allows the cats to run freely through the five bedroom house. Today she runs Cat House On The Kings which […] More