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    When You’re Actually A Cat Person

    This woman thought she was a ‘dog person’ but as soon as she discovered that her roommates adopted a black cat, Everything changed! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Video by: BuzzFeedViolet   FOLLOW CAT LOVERS COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”] [adinserter block=”4″]     More

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    Every time This Woman Sneezes, Her Cat Doctor Runs To Help

    Bailey the cat doctor is always ready to help whenever he thinks his human has a flu. He always run to his human carrying a tissue whenever he hears his human sneezing. Such a caring and sweet kitty <3 WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE Video by: Marc Dxn FOLLOW CAT LOVERS COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”] [adinserter block=”4″] More

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    Adorable Cat and 1 Year Old Speaking The Same Language

    In this video uploaded by LinusCatTips you will see a very cute 1 year old girl who seems to enjoy talking to their adorable house cat using their own language. The uploader says “My cat and my daughter seem to be able to communicate better with each other than I can with either of them” [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this […] More

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    Moving with Cats – Funny Compilation!

    Cole and Marmalade are really PAWSOME travelers! … “It’s been a hectic time fur us all, we recently moved from California to Illinois to be closer to family and of course I collected a lot of footage to show you guys. Obviously we tried to make the whole experience fun and exciting for CAM so […] More

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    Helpless Kitten Left For Dead In a Dumpster, Found & Saved By A Poodle

    A tiny, black and white kitten was abandoned helpless in a dumpster without a mother and food. Fortunately, A poodle found the kitten and immediately jumped and took care of the kitten. Youtuber Taylor James Johnson Says “This kitten was found in a dumpster a few minutes before this footage was shot. Our poodle (who was raised by cats) quickly jumped in preform the […] More

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    Rescue Kitty Adopts Newborn Puppy & Gave The Love Of A Mother

    A tiny puppy lost its mother at a very early age but with the help of a nursing cat who took care of it with her litter of kittens. The puppy was able to survive and and feel the warmth of having a true furrmilly. PHOTO: MICHIGAN HUMANE SOCIETY Bobby, a tiny Chihuahua pup, was just a couple of weeks old […] More

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    Kittens VS. Thugs Staring Contest!

    KITTENS VS. THUGS: Who wins in a staring contest between fluff and tough? WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE Video: UPROXX   FOLLOW CAT LOVERS COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”] [adinserter block=”4″] More

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    Rescued Kitten Loves Pomeranian Dog

    After being abandoned by his mother, Pancho the kitten was found alone and with his eyes closed. He was taken in by this caring family, who fed and nursed him to the healthy kitten he is today! While living in his new home, the fearless kitten became attached to Jinxy, an adorable Pomeranian dog. The […] More

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