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    Adopting A Black Cat Brings Good Luck

    Lucky CATastrophe – Magic Kevin, a small black cat, brings a couple great luck! But when he’s away for the day, their world collapses and they have to do everything they can to get him back.   (Visit Cat CATastrophes for more of their aMeowzing web series)   WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE .   FOLLOW CAT […] More

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    Adorable Cat Gives Great Dane Relaxing Massage

    This sweet cat named Jack seems to enjoy giving a relaxing body massage to his Great Dane best friend named Bella.  It’s so amazing to see that these cuties share a very sweet bond. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Source: Youtube | Rumble FOLLOW CAT LOVERS COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK   [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   More

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    Scared Cat Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Fence

    This feline was no match against a wrought iron fence. Experts at the Los Angeles Animal Services Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue or SMART for short were called out to rescue the feline in distress. They believe the stray cat regularly went in and out of the bottom of the fence. But one day, it was […] More

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    Purrlease DON’T DECLAW Your Cats!

    In this video by Cole and Marmalade, Chris Poole explains the importance of a cat’s claw in their daily life and why cat owners don’t need to declaw them.   “#PawsNeedClaws – Together we can END CAT DECLAWING! I have no idea why this isn’t already illegal, please share far and wide so we help stop the […] More

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    Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

    We all know that cats really enjoy being inside a box. Whether it’s a small box or a big box cats will always find a way to fit in it.  But do you know the reason behind their obsession with boxes?  In this ameowzing video by Simon’s Cat with the help of a Cat behavior expert, will explain the science behind cats’ obsession […] More

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    Does YOUR Cat Like Hugs?

    We all know that cats are really cute and that’s one of the reasons why we want to hug them. Unfortunately, not all cats like to be hugged but that doesn’t mean they don’t like us. It’s just cats have their own unique way to show their love to us cat parents.   WATCH THE FULL VIDEO […] More

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    15 Sweet Kitty Cats Who Love Beards Compilation

    These cats are so sweet and they wouldn’t let the day pass without showing their love and affection to their human dads. In this compilation video by MrFunnyMals you’ll see a bunch of cute cats showing how much they appreciate their human’s beard. If you’re a cat dad, consider growing your beard now. More

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    Kitten Trapped Inside a Wall Rescued By Firefighters

    Firefighters Come to Rescue of Trapped Kitten | The little gray kitten has been named Hugo, after one of the Florida firefighters who rescued him.   WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE Photo & Video Courtesy of: ABC News FOLLOW CAT LOVERS COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   More

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    Hero Cat Saved His Owner In A Fire

    Nobody expected that one day this rescued ginger cat will save his human from death after a fire broke out in their house in Ohio. Robin rescued this cat the day he was supposed to be euthanized. Eleven years later, The cat returned the favor and risked his life to save Robin. Tony, named after a Catholic saint, now has […] More

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