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    Clever Kitty Turns off Alarm Clock & Let Her Human Sleep All Day.

    This clever cat doesn’t want her human to get disturbed while sleeping. So the cat decides to turn off the alarm clock every time it rings. Such an amazing and caring kitty. Too bad, her human will be late for work 😀 “Thought I was just sleeping through my alarms because I’m lazy, but apparently this is what has been […] More

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    Hilarious Kittens Who Haven’t Learned How to ‘Cat’ yet

    Having a cat beside you gives so many positive feelings. Aside from being adorable and cute, Cats never fail to make us laugh and forget our problems. Cats are the best! So to help you brighten your day, we’re sharing you this ameowzing video of Kittens who haven’t learned to ‘Cat’ yet.   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Video by: The Dodo […] More

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    20+ Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

    We all know that having a cat contributes a lot in our lives. Aside from being cute, sweet and our purrsonal stress reliever, Our feline companions can also teach us how to to live purrfectly despite all the problems we are facing. Here are some ameowzing life lessons we can learn from cats illustrated by Last lemon   (For […] More

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    When These Two Rescue Cats Met, They Instantly Connected & Couldn’t Stop Holding Paws

    When these two adorable rescue cats met for the first time, their human was worried that these two wouldn’t get along easily. Surprisingly, The opposite happened and It didn’t took long for these wonderful cats to get to know each other. On that day, the cats surprised their humans with their sweetness. “The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt […] More

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    Clever One-eyed Kitty Knows Exactly What to Do When He is Thirsty

    Meet Mick, The smart one-eyed kitty who will complete your day. Mick the cat is not your average house kitty, He might look different physically because of his missing eye, but that disability didn’t stop him to learn new things around him. Such an ameowzing kitty!     WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: Video by: treekraljev’s channel   FOLLOW CLC ON FACEBOOK [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”] […] More

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    Nothing Can Stop This Kitty From Getting What He Wants

    Determination is key in this life: you have to be willing to fight for what you want. An adorable Siberian kitty named Sunny literally went above and beyond just to get his favorite toy, an Earplug. Such an aMeowzing kitty! “This cat has an unusual fascination for earplugs and will go to great lengths to retrieve them. […] More

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    After These 3 Blind Cats Got Resuced, These Rescued Pitbulls Act as Their ‘Surrogate Moms’

    When these three poor cats got rescued by Faithful Friends Animal Society, a rescue group in Delaware. The Vets found out that the cats were in a rough shape and they had to have their eyes removed.  Helen the cat, was brought in separately from Bruce & Willis the kittens. Helen was already 7 years old while the two others were just 10 […] More

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    Good Samaritan Feeds a Large Number of Feral Cats

    This Compassionate woman proved that you don’t have to wear a cape to be a “hero”. As this kind woman dedicate herself in helping these poor cats , We’re hoping that after you watched the clip below. You will also be inspired to do the same thing.  Watch this amazing video from Rumble Viral. “On a cold day in Istanbul, Turkey, Vera takes time out […] More

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    This Cat Has His Very Own Stool Reserved at Local Pub in UK

    Cats really never cease to amaze me. They’re so unpredictable and will just appear out of nowhere and make you smile. Like this pub kitty in UK for example. “This cat has a stool reserved at my local pub. He sits in the same seat every night, quietly watching the other punters,” Anderson said via […] More

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    Buddy the Cat & His Tiny Human Growing up Together

    This adorable cat named buddy was so excited when he noticed that his human mama was pregnant. It’s obvious that Buddy the cat can’t wait to see her tiny human. He always lays on his mama’s belly and looks like he is already communicating with the baby. How sweet <3 “Buddy loved to lay on my belly. He […] More

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    This Adorable Cat is Confused on How to Handle Its Tiny Human

    When a cat meets a baby for the first time, it’s pure joy! In this video originally uploaded from Rumble Viral, A fluffy cat was so relaxed lying beside the newest member of the family when the baby accidentally touched the cat. Watch how the cat reacted after. So Priceless! Although this cat is very peaceful and loving, it seems […] More

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    Everyday, This Cat Visits the University to Give the Students Kitty Cuddles

    There’s this adorable ginger kitty in Germany who’s known to be the best stress reliever to university students. The ginger cat was also known as the “campus cat”. Everyday, the campus cat visits the University of Augsburg in Germany to help students relax before and after taking an exam.   “Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat […] More

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