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    This Cat Meets The Newest Member Of The Family And Decided To Be Her Purrsonal Bodyguard

    When Klaus the cat first met the newest member of the family, The family didn’t expected what Klaus will do. Surprisingly, Klaus the cat instantly fell in love and connected with the cute little baby. Klaus is now a big brother and he’s purroud of it!   “Klaus, an older cat who was once a stray, guards the newest addition to the family […] More

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    These Cats See an Ipad For the First time, Their Reaction? Priceless!

    Laughter is the best medicine and cats are the best way to reduce stress. So that’s why we’re excited to share you this funny cat video compilation of cats vs Ipad showdown. These cats will absolutely brighten your day! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   VISIT OUR CAT LOVERS’ SHOP TODAY! [xyz-ihs snippet=”comment-clc”] More

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    Watch What This Adorable Shelter Cat Does Everytime She Sees a Human Approaching Her. It’s too CUTE

    This adorable shelter cat was always happy and full of excitement every time she sees someone approaching her room.    The Kitty obviously wants to get noticed. and it’s like she’s saying “Pick me, Pick me, please bring me home”. Watch as this excited kitty nearly explodes with joy as it jumps up and down when she saw someone approaching […] More

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    Cat Obsessed with Stealing Hair Ties

    Who needs an expensive cat toy, when your cat is only obsessed with hair ties. “Every time this woman washes her hair, her cat steals her hair tie. A couple of weeks ago she started putting her hair ties on the faucet so kitty would not be able to take them. Well, that didn’t last long…” [mashshare […] More

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    Cat vs Dog: A Trick Contest

    This amazing video from NanaBorderCollie will definitely leave you amazed. Watch as Nana the Border Collie and her best furiend Kaiser the bengal cat demonstrate their amazing talents. “With more tricks up their sleeves, Nana the Border Collie and her best buddy Kaiser the Bengal cat are back competing in a contest to determine who does the best […] More

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    Baby and Cat Cuddle in Crib – Cute Baby & Her Purrsonal Body Guard

    This sweet kitty is so happy and cannot hide how much she loves the newest member of the family. so, the cat decided to become this baby’s purrsonal body guard. Watch how this kitty protects its tiny human. it’s so adorable!   WATCH THE CLIP HERE:   [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   VISIT OUR CAT […] More

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    Fluffy Persian Kittens Versus ‘Bug’

    These fluffy 7-week old Persian kittens were just spending some quality time together when a mysterious creature suddenly appeared. [xyz-ihs snippet=”comment-clc”] Watch as these little warriors unite like the justice league and fight the mysterious creature to save and defend their favorite place, the bathroom. It’s too cute “Remember not to leave your kitty alone with toys like […] More

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    Cutest Kitten Ever Plays Dead

    We’ve all seen a dog play dead, but a kitten? Watch as this fluffy clever kitty demonstrates her new ameowzing trick in the most adorable way. [xyz-ihs snippet=”comment-clc”]   WATCH THE CLIP HERE: Via: Kyoot Animals  [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter block=”4″]   VISIT OUR CAT LOVERS’ SHOP TODAY! [xyz-ihs snippet=”comment-clc”] More

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    14 Adorable Animal BFF – Cats & Their Brothers From Other Mothers

    This adorable photos of kitty cats with their unusual furiends will just complete your day! At first glance, it seemed that both the animals came from the same animal group, but if you look closely they just simply look-alike. or maybe, they just have different mothers… just kidding. It’s so amazing how these look-alike animals share a unique bond, […] More

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    Sneaky Cat Caught Stealing Fish Fillet From Freezer

    Who said cats are not smart? Meet Lux the cat, The clever calico kitty who will do anything to get what she wanted. You have to see what she can do. It’s Incredible!   “Lux used to open our freezer as seen above. She would try to get any fish she could get her paws on. […] More

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    Watch What This Kitty Does Every time Her Human Sneezes.

    This kitty was just having its daily 16-hour nap when it suddenly heard an annoying sound. This kitty’s human just sneezed! and It seems like the kitty was saying “I hate chu HOOMAN, Please, don’t disturbed my sleep!” [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends! More

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