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    From Feral to Farm: A Cat’s Life in Spokane

    In order to manage the growing population of feral cats in Spokane, A group of animal lovers joined forces and created a unique program to save and help our feline friends to have a safe and better place to live in.   “3.4 million cats enter animal shelters every year. Almost half never make it […] More

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    Cute Tiny Kitten Hiccups Mid-sleep – Cutest Moment Ever!

    Warning: The video below contains extreme cuteness – proceed with caution! Now this is just an incredibly precious moment that will bring a smile to your face. While sleeping in her owner’s arms, this cat experiences one of the most adorable hiccups ever, mid-sleep!   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:   WANT MORE CAT STORIES & VIDEOS? CHECK THIS […] More

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    Adorable Kitten Freaks Out Over Window Cleaning

    This is one of the reasons why i don’t get depressed when i’m with my fur-babies. They are unpredictable and full of surprises.   This adorable kitten goes into an absolute frenzy when owner, Jordan Randomness, begins to clean his side door window. How cute is that?   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: WANT MORE CAT […] More

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    Compassionate Kid Saves an Abandoned Kitten Found Inside a Box

    This poor little kitten was weak and all alone when a kind-hearted stranger found it inside a box. Courtesy of nihera1129   Someone left the kitten and could have died if help didn’t arrive. Fortunately, there are still people who care for helpless animals. After hearing the desperate meows of this tiny kitten, The kind-hearted boy didn’t think […] More

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    Runt Kitten Transformed Into a Huge Magnificent Fluffy Cat

    Who would expect that this runty kitten would transformed into one magnificent fluffy cat. Meet Brownie the cat! Photo Courtesy: Justina Strumilaite   “He is quite special – his right paw has only two toes, so called a “crab-leg” or a paw of victory,” Justina Strumilaite told Love Meow.  When he was a baby, he was pushed aside […] More

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    Stray Cat Receives Eye Surgery Thanks to Facebook Fans

    Faith in humanity restored. Watch the heartwarming story of an injured stray ginger cat named Willy who got saved with the help of social media.     “Willy, blind in one eye, was found wandering near the woods of a rural area in South Florida by Angelico Cat Rescue. His eye appeared to be infected […] More

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