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    Cat Owner Life VS Dog Owner Life

    Are you a cat person or a dog person? “I love dogs too, but of course I’m definitely more of a cat person these days… the title for this video should probably have been “Cat Servant Life VS Dog Owner Life” :)” Chris Poole shared WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:   WANT MORE CAT STORIES & […] More

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    Precious Moment of Tiny Fluffy Kitten and Her Human Dad

    Warning: The video below contains extreme cuteness – proceed with caution! This little fluff ball is the cutest and will 100% brighten your day! Watch as Dr. Meemersworth, A Tiny Scottish fold kitten shares a very sweet moment with her human dad. Share this video with your friends. More

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    Top 12 Cat Burglars Who Got Caught on Camera

    These fearless kitties are not afraid to go after what they want! And what they want is food. They will steel from not only us humans, but even from each other! Talk about brutal! These twelve thieving cats utilize all of their skills to become the expert cat burglar.   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:   […] More

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    Adorable Little Kitten Develops Her Dragon Roar

    Warning: The video below contains extreme cuteness – proceed with caution! Here is our cute and fluffy kitten, Winnie, practicing her “dragon” roar since she was about 4-weeks old! She still struggles to produce some strong vocals but she is cute as ever! katznkittenz8 shared [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends! More

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