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    Adorable Cat Wears Her Heart Right On Her Chest

    Meet Zoë, The adorable British Shorthair mix kitty from Netherlands who wears her heart right on her chest. Zoe the the cat and her sister, Izzy were adopted by Joanne Smienk back in September. Now, both Zoe and Izzy are now enjoying their new life with their new family with lots of love and happiness. […] More

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    Human Turns On Touch-Lamp By Touching Cat’s Nose

    Mizzy the cat happens to have part of his body on top of a touch lamp while relaxing on a table next to the bed. So when his owner walks by him and touches his nose, the lamp turns on! While this is simply amazing for all of us to see, it appears Mizzy isn’t […] More

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    Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In the World

    We all love cats, both domestic and wild. In fact, we’re probably all wondered what it’d be like to snuggle up against a lion’s mane before. Unfortunately, not only is that just a bad idea, it’s also bad for the lions because they should be allowed to stay wild, and not kept in a cage. […] More

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    Rescued Cat and Guinea Pig Share A Very Unique Friendship

    Here’s something unique that you won’t see everyday. Watch as these two adorable animals learned how to accept each other despite their huge differences. When this foster kitten was rescued she was placed in a cage with the family guinea pig. Ever since that moment these two have become the best of friends. After one […] More

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    15+ Gangsta Cats That Will Surely Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

    In case you’re having a bad day, just sit back and relax because this video compilation of 15+ gangsta cats will definitely cheer you up! From cats scaring bears away, to trapping dogs under blankets, these cats have a thug life attitude that you’ll find in this gansta cats video compilation. [xyz-ihs snippet=”pagelikes”]   [adinserter […] More

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    Overly Attached Kitty Won’t Let His Human Use The Computer

    This hilarious scene maybe familiar to you, Watch as this overly attached kitty demands some attention to his human in the most adorable way! 🙂 By the looks of it this adorable kitty would not simply give up until his human give what he wants… and that is is attention.  Such a cute little fur-ball! Share […] More

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    Ginger Kitten Rescued From Car Engine, Thanks To This 11-Year-Old Boy

    This 11-year-old boy proves that you don’t need to wear a cape to be a hero. Watch how this young fella saved the precious life of a stray kitten that got stuck inside the car engine. Meet the newest recipient of Orange County Animal Services “Animal Hero Award.” Eleven-year-old Logan Gleeson accepted the award after […] More

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    Feral Cat Lived In Fear Until A Group Of Good Samaritans Rescued Her.

    No one would think that this adorable cross-eyed cat was once an outcast in her feral colony. Before a group of good samaritans rescued her, This adorable white cat named Bubbles lived her early life in fear and hunger. Courtesy of: Tabby’s Place   According to Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey […] More

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    Adorable Kitty Completely Obsessed With His Brush

    This adorable white kitty definitely knows how to relax. He doesn’t even need someone to massage him to feel good because he already found a unique way to make himself relaxed. It’s clear what Akkys the cat’s favorite object is. Watch how he reacts when his brush is placed in front of him. He’s addicted! […] More

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    Watch These Fearless Felines Surf and Skateboard Like Pros

    While most cats hate water or getting wet, these two fearless felines are different. Instead of running away to hide, these amazing cat buddies actually prefer to play and surf in the water.  You’ll be amazed of how these cats live their life with their human.  Courtesy of: Inside Edition / Catmantoo This cat is giving Tony […] More

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