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    Black Cats are Pawsome!

    October 27th is National Black Cat Day in the UK… We all know black cats are PAWSOME, check out this funny and cute compilation that proves it! Purrlease be nice to black cats 🙂 [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends! More

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    10 Memorable Quotes About The Joys Of Owning A Cat

    In comparison to dogs, cats are often known to be aloof and independent creatures. But, once you get the chance to live with a cat you will find them to be as affectionate and faithful as any dog. The added bonus – you won’t have to walk it. Here are some of my favorite quotes, […] More

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    Playful Kitten Somersaults, Flips, And Slides For A Toy

    Nothing can brighten our days like kittens do. Especially the really playful ones. So if you’re looking something to turn your bad day around, we have just the adorable, playful little kitty for you! Sean the kitten is obsessed with his little toy. He somersaults, flips and slides all over the floor to try and […] More

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    Snowshoe Cat Cannot Sleep Without Doing This Unique Bedtime Routine

    If you need an adorable moment to turn your day around, look no further! Watch as Penelope the cat crawls into her human’s lap, wraps her paws tightly around her arm and falls asleep while sucking her finger. This is definitely an amazing bonding experience that we hope never ends. According to flibberdigibbet1 Ever since […] More

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    Cute Kitty Adorably Plays With Her Little Human

    They say cats are not affectionate and don’t like kids but this video tells a different story. Witness an amazing friendship in the making as this cute tabby cat plays with her little human in the cutest way possible. Awww… I can’t stop smiling while watching especially when the kitty runs towards the child and […] More

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    Fluffy Kitty Won’t Let His Human Use The Laptop

    Get ready, because this fluffy cat is about to release all the “aww’s!” you have in your system. In this video from sweetfurx4, a Fluffy cat named Cooper was seen resting on his human’s laptop comfortably but when his human tries to use the laptop, Cooper blocks his human’s hand and protected it like his […] More

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