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    5 Effective Ways on How to Comfort a Kitten

    If it’s your first time to foster a kitten, this helpful video from Kitten Lady, will show you what are the most important things and tools to prepare to comfort a little kitten. Fostering orphan kittens means you have fill in for their mama–and that includes providing them with comfort and warmth. Here are Kitten […] More

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    Two Adorable Cats Open Their Christmas Presents

    Witness the adorable moment of Shorty and Kodi as they open their Christmas presents from their humans. and by the looks of it, these two adorable cats really love their new toys. So cute! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    How to Tell if a Cat Is Depressed

    How to Tell if a Cat Is Depressed. Part of the series: Cat Behavior & Care. A depressed cat is usually a cat that won’t play, that won’t get mad, and that will begin to mark their territory by spraying around a house. Learn about signs of cat depression with help from a veterinarian in […] More

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    Doing Yoga With Cats Around

    In case you are wondering what will gonna happen if you try to do yoga with a cat around, check this ameowzing video from Sho Ko. “I’m not sure what I love more, doing yoga, or doing yoga with cats around. Both teach you to live right in the moment and so are a perfect […] More

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    Cat and Dog Take Turns Enjoying Vacuum Cleaner

    While most cats and dogs will run and hide when they start to hear a vacuum cleaner, this adorable cat and dog are the opposite. Watch as this cute BFFs share an amazing bond. According to ‘TaiTiJi’, every time the vacuum cleaner is being used the dog and cat show up out of nowhere and […] More

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    This Affectionate Kitty Is All You Need To See Today!

    Sometimes, all you need is a little tender love and care! That’s all this sweet kitty is looking for from his favorite human. Meet Odin, the affectionate cat who can’t stop showing how much he loves his human. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Holiday Gifts For The Big Cats – This Will Brighten Your Day!

    If you need a heart-warming moment to turn your day around, look no further! Watch the precious moment of these adorable big cats after receiving gifts from Big Cat Rescue. “The holidays are here! We celebrated by giving the big cats trees and gifts to enjoy the holiday season. Check out all of the fun!” […] More

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    Blind Kitty “Helps” Decorate Christmas Tree

    Aside from paper bags, tissue rolls, and boxes, our feline companions also consider Christmas trees as their own favorite human invention. Some cats see these trees as their new enemy to knock down while some cats treasure it. and in this video, Oskar the blind kitty thinks the Christmas tree is his own personal play […] More

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