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    Cat Has an Odd Way of Drinking Water

    Have you ever seen a cat use this “scoop” technique when it comes to enjoying a drink of water? According to his owner, it’s the only method he’ll use! If you have a cat or pet whose developed an odd habit, share your experience with us. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    13 Cats With Love Hate Relationships With Water

    While most people commonly think that all cats hate water, it turns out that some cats actually love water just as much as dogs do! Then there are some cats who aren’t too sure what to make of it at all! Whether they love it or hate it, these cats have some funny reactions to […] More

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    Cat Owner Interrupted During BBC Interview

    It’s been a few days since the infamous live BBC interview became viral where a professor was interrupted by his two cute kids, with poor mom dashing in desperately trying to save the shot. Well, Cole and Marmalade has their own version and it’s really ameowzing! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Friendly Alpaca Shares an Incredible Bond with Two Cats

    If you’re looking for a heartwarming moment to turn your bad day around, look no further. Just sit back, relax and witness two adorable cats snuggle up with a friendly Alpaca. Watching these cuties will surely brighten up your day! “Lacey is an alpaca who was bottle raised because her mother was unable to. She […] More

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    Cute Cat Loves Being Brushed by Broom

    It doesn’t matter if you’re having the best day possible or the worst day in the world, This sweet kitty is guaranteed to make it even better. With all the toys for a cat to play with, this cute kitty prefers the broom. According to his owner, he is really obsessed and can’t get enough […] More

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    Sweet Mama Kitty Comforts Scared Little Kitten

    Now, this is truly a heart-warming moment. A firework display had this two-week old kitten scared but her mama kitty was right there for her. Watch as this sweet and caring mama cat comforts her little kitten by covering its tiny ears and puts her at ease. Amazing! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your […] More

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    This Sweet Little Foster Kitten is About to Melt Your Heart!

    Here’s a little cuteness to get you ready for your day with a smile on your face. Watch as this cute little kitten bonds with his foster human in the sweetest way possible. Watching them preciously bond together will surely leave you smiling all day. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Excited Kitten Entertained by Dog’s Tail

    It’s always nice to see dogs and cats getting along. Here we have Flea the energetic kitten playing with Cosmo the Golden Retriever. By the looks of it, Flea just can’t get enough of Cosmo’s tail. How cute! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Precious Little Kitten Loves Getting Belly Rubs

    It doesn’t matter if you are in a good mood or a bad one, just watch this cute little kitten and we guarantee your day will be better. This precious kitten might be small in size but he is cute enough to melt your heart! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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