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    Cute Tiny Sleepy Kitten Melts Hearts in Newborn Photo Shoot

    One family thought their kitten deserved a proper newborn photo shoot. Kitty Schaub says she and her husband adopted Luna for their 5-year-old daughter after a neighbor’s cat had kittens. Schaub is a photographer and does a lot of new baby shoots. She says 11-week-old Luna was just like any other newborn baby she’s photographed […] More

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    Sphynx Kitten Absolutely Adores English Bulldog

    Meet Cheetah, an adorable Sphynx kitten who absolutely in love with an English Bulldog named Simba. roaneric, the uploader of the video shares “This isn’t your typical cat and dog relationship, who knew that Cheetah could grow so fond of an English Bulldog? But Simba doesn’t seem to be as interested as Cheetah is. Regardless, […] More

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    Friendly Kitty Greets High School Students For More Than A Decade

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with this friendly kitty named Simba? For more than a decade, this ginger cat has been showing up for class right alongside students at Westbrook High School in Portland, Maine. and every morning, Simba never fails to greet students at the school’s front door before making his rounds. [mashshare shares=”false”] […] More