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    Wobbly Kitten Gets Kitty Casts To Help Him Walk Again

    Meet Rugen! The tiny kitten who can’t stop wobbling. Little Rugen was born with wobbly legs and six toes on his back paws, But that abnormality didn’t stop him from getting back up on his tiny little casts and ran all the way to his forever home. The vets put splints on Rugen’s twisted legs […] More

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    Playful Scottish Fold Cat Loves To Go Down The Slide

    You can’t just help but fall in love with this adorable Scottish Fold Kitty named Acosta. Watch Acosta the cat happily go down a snow-covered slide at the park. Her cute reaction will surely put a smile on your face. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Broccoli The Cat Surprises His Human With Live Rat — Watch His Human’s Priceless Reaction!

    Meet Broccoli, The very sweet, adorable cat who surprised his human with very unusual gift. Jessica Gottlieb, the owner of Broccoli was surprised when she saw what her cat brought inside the house. After they realized Broccoli was carrying a live rat, Jessica’s daughter, Lily immediately went upstairs and hid inside her room while Jessica […] More