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    21 Before and After Photos of Cats Growing Up

    Do you remember the day your fur-baby arrived at your house? That little cute kitten who melted your heart the moment you saw it. And those days that made you woke up early and excited just to feed the tiny kitty. Those moments for sure will be the best in our lives that we’ll treasure forever.  These before and after pictures […] More

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    Cozy Ragdoll Cat Chills Out On Her Own Miniature Sofa

    This cute fluffy Ragdoll cat is definitely my spirit animal! In this short but cute video by sydneystrawberry, an adorable Ragdoll cat was seen having a purrfect day while chilling and snoozing on her cute comfy sofa. This is how i wanna spend my day after working for more than 12 hours a day. I […] More

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    This Ginger Cat Loves Food So Much He Dreams About Eating

    Cats never cease to make me smile, the more you stare or look at them, the more you’ll forget about your problems. Just take a look at this fluffy ginger kitty named Finn for example, According to shannonlevy, “Finn’s owner heard a strange noise, so she turned around and saw her orange tabby kitten snoozing […] More

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    13+ Mastermind Cats That Will Surely Brighten Your Day

    Cats are known to have quirky yet fun traits. Every feline being has a wacky side as these adorable cute mastermind cats are confident showing off their awesomeness, which only shows how independent and smart these creatures are. Sometimes as owners, we surely wonder how these creatures can be so smart and how and where […] More

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    Persistent Kitty Won’t Stop Meowing Until Owner Wakes Up

    One of the most hated moments in our life would be our phone alarming right? Wishing we could sleep longer, and rest even better. But what happens when a charming feline buddy is being so persistent in waking you up? YES WE ARE NOT KITTEN around HERE!   Cats could be a reliable alarm clock! […] More

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    17+ Awesome Cats That Cost a Fortune

    Have you ever wondered how many people can accurately tell what are the breed of cats just by looking at it? While dogs are better known for their variety due to obvious high visual diversity. Cats have dozens of unique distinct breeds, to which have their own specific physical characteristics.   These small differences could […] More

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    How To Walk Your Cat With A Harness

    It’s pretty rare these days to see cats walking with a harness. Unlike dogs, it seemed to be so natural. Then here goes the fluffy, adventurous “King Curtis” Siberian Forest Cat from San Francisco California. According to the owner of King Curtis, it takes a lot of time, patience and yes, a lot of treats […] More

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    Heroic Kitty Protects Human From Fake Attack

    Who says that dogs can be the only one that’s going to defend you from being attacked? Isn’t it awesome to have someone that is always to the rescue when you’re in trouble especially when it’s cute, fluffy and has this innocent vibe? Yet, is willing to give cute attacks just to defend you? How […] More

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