A Man Found These 4 Kittens In a Box But Couldn’t Keep It. An Amazing Thing Happened Next.

An Imgur user shared a wonderful story about how they helped these 4 adorable  kittens in a box when found by their friend. Read they’re story below.

A friend of my husbands put out a message that he had found 4 kittens in a box on the side of the road. He could not keep them so we offered to take them in for the night.
Meet Turk, Elliot, JD, and Dr. Cox (we’ve been on a Scrubs binge)
This one is Turk


It was 10:30pm when we got them and found out how tiny they were. Husband had to make an emergency stop to the store (they had no formula) so google told me to use evaporated milk, karo syrup, egg yolk, and hot water. It took 3 of them a few seconds to figure out how to drink from a bowl (we had no droppers), JD really didn’t understand it and just got into the bowl.


Meet Elliot, she is the adventurous and loud one of the bunch.



JD is the runt and he is very tiny. He was shaking all over so we cuddled him and put him on a heating pad. This morning he rewarded me with some purring


Dr. Cox was the only one not trying to get out of the box. He curled up and I thought he was a cuddle bug. Turns out he was very frightened and was hissing and trying to bite me this morning.


Turk is a lover. He was the first one to purr last night and just wants to be near you. He likes to climb on our feet and try to cuddle with them.
It’s been a long night with a midnight feeding and a 4am feeding and I suspect work is going to be very rough. But, we got them through the night and it will be off to a no-kill shelter in the morning. We already have two wonderful cats and can’t really have 4 more.
I hope they get adopted very quickly!
Happy Monday Morning. My cat tax has been paid by the ity bity kitten committee

More info: pinkpantheronice | Imgur

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