They Found This 40g Kitten Fighting For His Life. What Happens Next Is A Miracle

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Exactly 15 weeks ago, I found a half dead 40g kitten.

He was so small, I couldn’t believe something so tiny could be alive.


I took pictures and showed them to a vet, I was too scared to move him around.

They told me not be get my hopes up. None of the vets had ever seen a kitten so small that was alive. We came to terms with the fact he probably wouldn’t make it, but decided to give it our best shot. We named him Titan, so he would get to either live or die as a Titan. My boyfriend and I took shifts, feeding every hour, stimulating his bowels, making sure he wasn’t too hot or too cold.


He didn’t make any noise and could barley move around.

Once when he tried to move, he dislocated his two front legs. For the first week he didn’t gain any weight, and we contemplated every second if we were doing the right thing keeping him alive.


Finally on day 8, I woke up at 3am to meowing.

I was so confused, my first thought was that he was dying or in pain, he’d never made a sound before. Turns out he was meowing for food, he was crawling all around his makeshift nest, and when I put the formula filled syringe in front of his mouth he started howling. He grabbed it with both of his too small for life paws and ate with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever seen. After that he meowed for food every moment he was awake.


For 2 more weeks it was the same routine, we barley slept and often forget to eat, but it paid off.

At this point we realized Titan was actually a girl. She opened her eyes, and it was the most amazing feeling. She still had a hard time moving around, and was very underweight and underdeveloped. But she was so full of life, always wanting food and pets.


Titan started trying to leave her nest

But would get scared and confused quickly. The vet told us she might be blind. At this point her meals could be farther apart, so we filled that time with handling her, and trying to slowly teach her about the world around her.


At 6 weeks she seemed to be almost “normal”

She still had a bit of trouble navigating, but she was starting to get more adventurous, and could clearly recognize familiar objects and smells. She even started to play with toys!


At 7 weeks, Titan had a seizure.

She consistently lost weight and stopped eating. We had to start force feeding her again. She spent most of the day sleeping. We tentatively took her to the vet to get blood work, to see if we could figure out what was happening. The blood work showed she was anaemic, which unfortunately meant we couldn’t do further tests, as they would be too hard on her already overworked system.


Now, at 15 weeks, Titan is a rambunctious kitten.

There were hard weeks. Weeks where everything was touch and go. But she pulled through. She still needs more tests, and will get them done as she grows bigger and stronger.


As I type this, I’m watching her dart across the ground batting a toy back and forth.

It makes me unbelievably happy to say, she has so much energy it’s almost annoying. 15 weeks ago, I never thought I would wake up to that tiny half-dead kitten biting my nose.

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Goodnight from Titan 😘😴

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