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A Man Rescues a Kitten from Euthanasia and Discovers a Surprising Personality

Adopting a pet can bring so much joy into one’s life, and that is exactly what happened to Josiah when he adopted Philip from a local shelter. With only a week left before being put down, Josiah knew he had to take Philip home with him.
Growing up, Josiah always wanted a cat but couldn’t have one due to allergies in his family. So, when he got his first apartment, he came across an adorable post of two orange kittens at the shelter. Upon arrival, one of the kittens had already been adopted, and the other was the last of his litter, which made Josiah’s decision easier.
As soon as Josiah opened the carrier, Philip jumped into his arms and started meowing. Josiah knew he had to take him home, and that’s how their beautiful journey began.
When Josiah first brought Philip home, he was a bit scared and unsure. But within an hour, Philip started jumping on the bed, playing with Josiah, and showing his adorable side.
Josiah didn’t know what to expect as he had never had a cat before. But Philip surprised him by being energetic at night, climbing on his face, and being a true companion by his side, or on his lap, as he watched movies.
Philip is more like a dog, always begging Josiah for car rides or walks. He’s chatty, responsive to commands, and well-behaved.
Josiah’s parents were excited about Philip’s arrival but had to ensure that he stayed away due to allergies. However, Josiah keeps the house clean and maintains a fur-free environment to make it possible for them to visit.
Josiah feels grateful for coming across Philip at the right time. It’s essential to note that about 45% of cats that enter shelters in the US end up being euthanized, making it crucial to adopt from shelters.
Philip’s story is an excellent reminder of how adopting pets can bring joy, love, and companionship into our lives, while also giving shelter animals a second chance.
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