A Pet Lover Wasn’t Sure How Her Bull Terrier Would React To Her Newly Adopted Cat, and This Happens…

When a 24-year-old animal lover named Phoebe Gill saw a Picture of a one-eyed sphynx cat, she already knew she had to adopt the cat. According to Gill, The cat had an eye injury, which would have been cured with medication but her previous owner neglected it and didn’t take the cat to the animal hospital.

“When it got worse, the breeder gave her up and the vet took her in and did the surgery to remove the eye as it was too late to be saved.” The cat’s disability didn’t stop Phoebe from seeing the beauty in her: “[I] fell in love at first sight, and brought her home.” After deciding to adopt the cat, she wasn’t sure how her Dog would react to her newly adopted cat. But when Phoebe introduced Stich the cat to Alaska, They surprisingly defy their instincts and instantly share an incredible bond.

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