Few Years Ago, This injured Kitten Showed Up at Someone’s Back Door Asking For Help. Without Knowing That This Will Be Her Forever Home

It was a regular day for niamhish, when this poor cat with an injured paw suddenly showed up at their garden, Packed with high hopes of getting help from the strangers inside the house. This cat has no idea that this house will be her forever home.

“It’s a year since this beautiful weirdo appeared in my garden. reddit, this is Taco Belle,” niamhish shared on reddit. ”

Her first appearance.


“Taco was around 3 or 4 months when she arrived in my life. Her paws were burnt and her coat was filthy. The vet reckons she may have been trapped in the car engine of maybe walked through some sort of corrosive liquid. But other than that she was in good health.”

Settling in.


“I already had 3 cats at this point so I spent a couple of weeks trying to find her owners. She was extremely friendly and litter box trained so she must have had humans at some point.”

“Alas, no one came forward so I acquired a new cat. I named her after Taco from The League, adding the Belle when I figured out she was a she.”




“She likes to help me study.”



“She loves to harass my 13 year old grumpy cat, Pudding.”






“Nowhere is safe from Taco.”



“She has a weird little tuft on the top of her had. It’s the cutest thing.”



She’s a bit weird.



Just a bit weird.



Yeah, weird…

Photos Courtesy of imgur
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