Abandoned Kitten Found in Dumpster Gets a Second Chance in Life with Puppy Furiend

This helpless, tiny black and white kitten was in a difficult situation when found. It was abandoned in dumpster starving and mewing for help.
Without a mother to take care of this poor kitty, this few weeks old kitten could not make it alone. Fortunately, A good Samaritan found it and gave the kitten a second chance in life. The rescuers named the adorable kitten Bo.

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After getting rescued, Bo the kitten is now starting to experience a good life not only with his new owners but with an adorable puppy furiend, Charlie the chihuahua.


Both Charlie the chihuahua and Bo the kitten love to spent their time playing and snuggling together.


Best Furiends Furever!


Video by: Taylor James Johnson
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