Abandoned Kitten Was Lying All Day on the Street until A Good Samaritan Rescued It

As the saying goes, Saving one animal won’t change the world but it will change the world for that one animal. That’s the case of this poor kitten, who was found weak and spent half a day lying down on the side of a road.

All the passerby just ignore the poor kitten and no one is willing help him, The little kitty was homeless and had been reduced to eating scraps for survival until one kind-hearted person decided to step in and help the poor kitten.

The little kitten was starving and dehydrated but he has no injuries and his health is in good condition.

All the little kitten needs is a family, a safe shelter and some food. Not long after he was fed and taken care of he was then ready to be a happy little kitten.

He will now be a kitten full of love that will spend his days with full of happiness and good memories. Shame on all of those people who just passed him by!

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Written by Admin_Meow

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