After These 3 Blind Cats Got Resuced, These Rescued Pitbulls Act as Their ‘Surrogate Moms’

When these three poor cats got rescued by Faithful Friends Animal Society, a rescue group in Delaware. The Vets found out that the cats were in a rough shape and they had to have their eyes removed.  Helen the cat, was brought in separately from Bruce & Willis the kittens. Helen was already 7 years old while the two others were just 10 weeks old.  [Scroll for video]
Photo by: Sherry Stewart
After the surgery, The cats were having difficult adjustments with the changes in their physical bodies. Without a mother cat to take care of these poor cats. Sherry Stewart, a staff at Faithful Friends Animal Society decided to bring home the kittens, but Sherry  wasn’t sure how her rescue dogs will react when they see the cats.

Photo by: Sherry Stewart

Surprisingly, The dogs who were pit bulls did the most amazing thing you’ll see . With the help & love of these two adorable Pit Bulls (Alfie and Frankie), The blind cats can now enjoy their second chance in life.

Photo by: Sherry Stewart


Despite the difficult start in their lives and n unimaginable backgrounds. These wonderful creatures didn’t give up,  and now they have found each other and can take comfort in their shared experiences.

Photo by: Sherry Stewart

We’re glad and thankful that there are still people like Sherry Stewart. God Bless you for helping these adorable fur-babies.
Photo by: Sherry Stewart



Credits: WSLS 10 |  The Dodo | Sherry Stewart

If you would be interested in adopting Bruce and Willis (bonded pair) or Helen, you can contact Faithful Friends for more information.



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