Amazing cat rescue: Man Has His Mercedes Dismantled to Free Trapped Cat

A young man named Joe was driving his Mercedes Benz when he spotted two young teenagers trying to save a kitten that was stuck in a tree.  He stopped his car and offer assistance to these teenagers.  Joe then climbed up into the tree to rescue the kitten, but the cat darted away from him and fell out of the tree into the river beneath. Joe climbed down from the tree and then jumped into the slow moving river to save the kitten from drowning.

cat rescue

Unfortunately, the panicked and now completely soaked kitten ran from its rescuers, climbing up inside the engine of Joe’s Mercedes to hide. No matter what the three did, they couldn’t convince the kitten to come out.

So Joe had his beloved car towed to the nearest dealership so that the professionals could dismantle the engine and retrieve the poor kitty. The kitten was then dried off and fed before Joe took it to a veterinarian.


Credits: TomoNews US
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