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  • kitten bonds with baby

    Tiny Stray Kitten Hobbles Up to a Couple Meowing For Help

    A couple were walking down a street one day when they found a little kitten. The kitten was seen without its mother and crying for help. When the poor little kitten spotted them, It hobbled straight up to them crying for help. After the couple brought the kitten home, he continued to follow his rescuers […] More

  • Wallace the cat only weighs 5 lbs

    Malnourished Stray Cat Can’t Stop Smiling After Getting Rescued

    This emaciated stray cat who only weighs 5 pounds, Can’t stop smiling after a kind-hearted woman saved him and gave him a place to call home. Meet Wallace the cat! Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary saw an important plea on Facebook looking for a help for a malnourished cat that wandered into a […] More

  • Lady purrl and cinder the dog

    Disabled Kitten With Twisted Legs Finds Family and Her Forever Home

    Meet Lady Purrl! A Fluffy 9-week-old kitten with twisted legs that has never gave up on life. Not long ago, A tiny gray-and-whiten kitten rescued together with the rest of her litter. The rescuers, however, realized she had twisted legs. The team who found Lady Purrl reached out to Mojo’s Hope and Alaska’s KAAATs as they have a program […] More

  • oswald the cat cant stop purring

    20 Year Old Cat Won’t Stop Purring After Getting Adopted

    Meet Oswald the cat! The 20-year-old cat who can’t stop purring after someone gave him a forever home. Oswald was brought to the shelter at the age of 20; that is nearly 100 years old when converted to human years. “He was surrendered to a shelter without a name or much of a hope,” Karyn […] More

  • in

    Man With A Heart Of Gold Creates A Sanctuary For Homeless Cats

    Nour Eddine, A Shop owner in Agadir, Morocco, created a safe place for homeless cats where they can take a rest and have plenty of food to eat. Nour Eddine’s clothing store has a unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else in the market: a beautiful garden he built for the local strays. It’s […] More

  • Cat helps orphaned fawn to recover

    Orphaned Fawn Loses Its Mother But Finds a New Bestfriend

    Skye was found after its mother was hit by a car. When his rescuers were unsuccessful in getting him to eat, they seek the help of  All For The Love Of Animals (AFTLOA), an animal rescue and sanctuary located in South Carolina. After his mother died, It seems like  he completely lost the will to eat […] More

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