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  • Hope the blind cat

    Abandoned Cat Without Eyes Finds Hope And A New Home

    Meet Hope, The abandoned blind cat who never gave up on life. Her name perfectly describes her inspiring story. Hope was already abandoned when she was only 4-month old, she was found in an Ikea parking lot in December. The Burlington Humane Society found her with her mother Charity and her sister Joy. “This sweet […] More

  • Dale the cat meets dan the cat

    Stray Tomcats Instantly Bonded After Meeting For The First Time

    It’s not often you will see a cat instantly bond with other cats after being introduced with each other. Oftentimes, It takes days, weeks or even months before they learn to accept each other. That’s why the story of these two stray cats is special. When Paris saw Dan the stray cat, he instantly fell […] More

  • hero dog holding the kitten he saved

    Heroic Dog Runs Through Flames to Rescue Little Kitten Friend

    In this time of pandemic that we’re currently living in, positive news often go unnoticed. People are so obsessed with politics and drama that we miss heroic acts that happened around the world. Take this one from for example, Not everyone knows the story of this brave dog, The dog risked its own life to […] More

  • rocket the two legged kitten

    Two-Legged Stray Cat Amazes Rescuers With His Spirit

    Mareen, a good samaritan from Berlin, Germany who loves cats, looks after the stray cats around her neighborhood and will often leave food out for them. While she’s feeding the stray cats, she noticed a new kitten that had joined the usual cats at the food bowl. Upon checking the new kitten, Mareeen realized the […] More

  • cat reunites with owner after 15 years

    Man Miraculously Reunited With His Cat After 15 Years Of Separation

    It all started in 2005, when Charles adopted a 2-month-old brown tabby cat. He named her Brandy. The two started to share happy memories together for months, but then something tragic happened. Brandy just vanished. One afternoon, she went to the backyard and never came back. “She went outside in the afternoon to our backyard,” […] More

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    Stray Cat Hops Into Cop’s Car And Demands Cuddles From The Cop

    It’s true that when a cat follows you, it actually says that you’re the best candidate to be its new companion. This is what happened to a Police officer in Poland who was just working when a cat suddenly hops into his car and demands to be her human. It was a regular working day […] More

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    Cute Little Kitten Melts Hearts in Newborn Photo Shoot

    Who can resist this little kitten’s cuteness? One family thought their kitten deserved a proper baby photo shoot. Kitty Schaub says their family adopted Little Luna for their 5-year-old daughter after a neighbor’s cat had kittens. Schaub is a professional photographer and does a lot of new baby shoots. She says 11-week-old Luna was just […] More

  • Kitten becomes obsessed with his human

    Little Kitty Becomes Obsessed With His Dad And Does Everything With Him

    There is nothing hotter and cuter than a man who loves cats. For this reason, in this article, we want to show you the story of a man who preciously bonds with his kitten. This video is guaranteed to make your day brighter and warmer!  Meet Michael and Sacha the kitty, the adorable duo who can’t stop showing how much they love each other. Sacha was adopted by […] More

  • Pitbull falls in love with kitten

    Pitbull Falls In Love With Tiny Kitten And Convinces Owner To Adopt Him

    There’s nothing more sweeter than the story of this Caring Pitbull who falls in love with a cute little kitten. Meet Sterling, a pit bull who had already had a difficult life in the past. He was only 4-weeks old when he was rescued from being abused by his previous owners, Sterling was malnourished, timid, […] More

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