Cat Desperately Wants To See Grandma Who Checked into Rehab Center. So They Decided To Sneak Him In To See Her

When this 89-year-old grandma accidentally broke her leg, Her Family had no choice but to bring her to the rehab center for treatment. But her ginger cat was so lonely when he realized that his favorite human was not around. So they decided to sneak the big kitty in to see her and It was really a happy reunion.
“My Grandma is sick in a Rehab center… and my kitty is sick that my grandma is not home. I snuck Morris in to see her,” the grandson wrote via reddit. “He is a really docile cat… I put him in a cat carrier and put it in a laundry basket and put some sheets over it.. he did not care. rides in the car like a dog.”
“Once the nurse found out what was going on she was cool with it… Even brought Morris some water,” he added.

Photo Courtesy: reddit

They really love each other… this is so pricless!
Photo Courtesy: reddit

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