Stray Cat with Bullet Lodged in Spine Survives with the Help of Good Samaritans & Dog Friend

When a cat named Roger was found on the streets by animal control officers in Naples, Florida, He was immobile and cannot use his 2 back legs. With his bad condition, Roger the cat might not survive on his own. Fortunately, A group of good samaritans rescued him.

Roger the cat’s story was first reported by The Dodo, A Shelter veterinarian named Karen Brown at Collier Domestic Animal Services tried her best to save the poor cat after surviving an awful act of cruelty. After eight months of steadily administering prednisolone steroid injections into Roger, he slowly gained back the use of his two rear legs. And from there, he was transferred to the Naples Cat Alliance for some extra TLC.

While recovering, Roger found a new friend to lean on. the organization’s in-house cat-loving dog, Bitsy.

Courtesy: Naples Cat Alliance

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