Cat’s Emotional Reaction to Reunion with Blind Dog

If you’re looking for a heartwarming moment to boost your mood today, look no further! Watch as this sweet kitty welcomes her Dog friend in the most adorable way. Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends?
“A woman was offered a job in which she had to relocate for a bit a few hours away. She took her daughter’s dog (Coco) with her because she is blind and requires extra attention. Her cat (Jasper) has always seemed to have an attachment to Coco. She thought it would be a cute idea to record her cat’s reaction to being reunited with his canine buddy after about a month or so. Everyday that the dog wasn’t there, Jasper would wait by the back door for her. He normally follows the dog everywhere she goes, and since she is blind, he sometimes guides her in the right direction. What an incredible bond!”

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