Compassionate Woman Rescued 40+ Stray Cats And Gave Them A Second Chance At Life

This kind-hearted woman proves that not all heroes wear capes. The Good Samaritan not only saved the stray cats, but she also takes care of each and every of the rescued cats every single day. (Scroll for video)
Laura Inglis, 49, spent a four-figure sum to ship the cats from her home on the Costa del Sol back to Scotland. And now the self-confessed cat lady has managed to squeeze the cats into the two-bedroom home of her 75-year-old mother Norma in Edinburgh. Laura had spent eight years living on the Costa del Sol while she worked as a project analyst in Gibraltar.
She began adopting injured or abandoned cats that were wandering the streets near her home in the town of Puerto de la Duquesa. But when she decided to move back home to spend more time with her mum, Laura was forced to bring the cats along as well.


Courtesy of SWNS TV

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