Confident Kitty Sledges Down Slope On His Own

This adventurous cat didn’t want to get left out of the family winter fun when it sled down a slope on its own.

Snow loving moggy Ninja was so keen to take part that he jumped on a pink and white toboggan and slid down a hill.

The two-year-old pussycat appears completely unfazed as he takes two confident steps on to the bobsled outside his home in Prospect, Virginia.


Quickly the black and white cat’s weight forces the sled downwards, with Ninja sitting calmly on the back.

As his owner, Ann Hernandez and her daughter burst out laughing in the background, Ninja only jumps off just before crashing into some bushes.

Ann said: ‘We were amazed when he jumped on the sled.


Ann has owned Ninja since he was born and despite being the whiniest of the litter she has kept him ever since.

She added: ‘He is very active and sneaky which is why we called him Ninja.

‘His favourite thing is to hide and jump out at you taking you by surprise.

‘All he wants is snuggles so he lets you carry him around a like a baby.

‘That’s what made him so relaxed when he first got on the sled.’



Credits:  dailymail | Cater News Agency
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