A Couple Saved A Kitten Who Was Hit By A Car. A Year Later, He Looks Totally Different

A year ago, A reddit user (klayton11) and her Boyfriend found this Tiny kitten mewing for help. He was hit by a car and left injured in the middle of the road. They decided to save the kitten and took care of it.

Here’s the wonderful Story of how a Couple saved a kitten and gave him a new home.

A year ago today my boyfriend and I found a kitten who was hit by a car and we decided to keep him once we knew he’d survive.

tuxedo kitten 1
Here’s how he look a year ago. He looks afraid and hopeless.


The Couple named this little fellow Percy. “Well my boyfriend loves penguins and calls all of them Percy. When we found him and couldn’t think of a name I said he looks like a penguin and voila!” commented by klayton11


tuxedo kitten 2
Percy is trying to pose in front of the camera while human dad is comforting him.


tuxedo 3
They’re getting to know each other really fast.  they look so cute together!


tuxedo 4
They are now inseparable. So sweet.



tuxedo kitten 5
Percy don’t have to worry anymore. because he already found his forever home and no one’s gonna hurt him anymore.


tuxedo 6
He can now sleep peacefully.


Percy is starting to enjoy his new life with his human parents.
Percy is starting to  do new things inside his new home.


He's growing pretty fast.
He’s growing pretty fast.


tuxedo cat 9
and getting cuter and cuter day after day.


tuxedo cat 10
he even got a feline friend inside their home.



tuxedo cat 11
but he still thinks he’s still a tiny kitten.


tuxedo cat 12
maybe he’s just a very sweet and loving cat.


tuxedo cat 14
First Family picture. They look so cute.


tuxedo cat 15
Precy is a very good looking tuxedo cat. He’s trying to impress his friend.


tuxedo cat 16
looks like they are enjoying the weather outside


tuxdeo cat 17
Percy wants to say “Thanks for viewing my photos. Have a nice day to all.”

Credits klayton11 | Imgur | Reddit


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