Dealing With Cat That Scratches or Bites

Do you have a cat that gets aggressive when you play? Most of the time those are young cats, and it's a super common problem. When you think about it, it's no wonder that they do because, most of us are actually taught to play with cats in a way that will cause them to scratch and bite you, and in fact ,we roughhouse with kittens all the time. Unfortunately, when you roughhouse with a kitten with your hands or your feet. You are really teaching that cat to go ahead and target predatory play towards your fingers and toes, and that's pretty much the last thing that people want on a regular basis. So, it's so important that when you are going to teach your cat about how to play people that you play with remote toys. So that they're more interested in playing with objects rather than your hands.

If you're going to try and work on a cat that is already started doing some aggressive play behaviors, then you want to start by making sure that you have appropriate toys to play with cat. One of the most common toys that cats enjoy are called wand toys, and they look like fishing poles and they have a great little object at the end, and there is a variety of companies that make them and these are called Nico flies and they have a lot of really great interesting ones. And what you want to do is really focus on all of your play with your cat, being with toys like this, rather than your hands on your feet. So when you think about it, a lot of cats really enjoy predatory play of all different types and that might be like moving the toy along the ground like this, dangling the toy at the top of the cat so they can bat it around, and if I were on the floor we could do this with the long wand but here's the reason to use it.

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