Emaciated Stray Cat Transforms into a Beautiful Healthy Cat After Being Rescued

A year ago, Nur Hamizah, A woman from Malaysia noticed a tuft of white fur under her car.

Upon inspecting, she saw a stray cat that was badly wounded and full of infections.

Without hesitation Nur decided to help the poor cat, she slowly coaxed it into a cardboard box and brought her home.

She decided to name her Meimei. After a day, she took Meimei to the vet to get the help she needed.

Meimei was so malnourished the she only weighs 4lbs. Aside from that, Her skin has infections and full of open sores that needed an immediate treatment.

At that moment, Nur knew that she needed to be there for her new friend. Nur never gave up on her new friend and does everything to help her.

After lots of efforts and patiently treating Meimei, Nur started to notice Meimei’s improvement.

After five months, Meimei’s fur started to grow back. She totally looks different from the time she was first rescued.

With the help of Nur, Meimei not only transformed into a beautiful cat but she also became one healthy, happy cat.

Watch their story here:

Written by Admin_Meow

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