Family Saved An Abandoned Kitten From Streets – And Their Dog Instantly Fell In Love

When a family found this little kitten from the streets, the poor kitty was all alone, weak, and might not survive on its own. The tiny kitten was obviously abandoned by its mother, so they decided to help the poor feline and bring it home.

At first, they’re not sure if Ponzu, the Golden Retriever Dog will accept Itchy the kitty, but what happened when Ponzu saw the Itchy melted their hearts.

dog fell in love with kitten
“Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her own mother. Lost and alone, Ichimi had a slim chance of survival on her own. Luckily, the orphaned kitten was rescued into a loving family.”
Courtesy: oligarchy

“Ichimi’s new family has fostered many homeless kittens, so Ichimi’s arrival at their home was accepted by all of the other pets in the family. But the moment Ponzu the Golden Retriever saw Ichimi, he instantly fell in love and started caring for her.”

“Naturally nurturing, Ponzu has fostered little kittens and seems to have a soft spot for the little needy ones. After losing his previous foster kitten to a new forever home, he was heart broken, but then he found Ichimi, who was desperate to be loved.”

“The two instantly bonded and now Ponzu is very protective of his little kitten and refuses to let her out of his sight.”

“Ponzu and Ichimi are so bonded, that they do everything together. And whatever they do, they do it adorably!”


(H/T: Imgur/oligarchy)
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