Good Samaritan Found a Freezing Cat and Gave Her a Second Chance at Life.

When this poor cat was spotted by a kind-hearted man on the side of the road, the helpless cat was dying and covered in snow. According to the uploader, There are plenty of cars around the area but none of them stopped to help her. So when he saw the cat, he immediately came to the rescue.

“It was very cold, so I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her back to my car. I turned up the heat to full capacity to help remove the frost on her coat.”


The Good samaritan immediately took her home and warmed her up with blankets next to the radiator, he called her Nika and she was thankful someone gave her a second chance at life.

He brought the cat to an animal hospital and there, they discovered she was only six months old and her tail was frostbitten — unfortunately, it had to be amputated. “She knew that we were trying to help. She was patient, did not complain and was very sweet the whole time.”

Nika is now eight months old, she enjoys running around and playing with her new family.


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