Good Samaritan Saw Kitten Fall from Bridge and Rushed to Save It

Nene the calico kitten

One morning, a man was walking by a river in Japan, when suddenly he saw a kitten fall from a bridge and land on the bushes. He immediately run to the spot to see if the kitten was okay.

The tiny kitten was alive and cowering in the bushes. So he slowly pulled her out and placed her on the ground. Unfortunately, the kitten’s lower body were badly injured and paralyzed.

Uzu and Nene channel

After the kitten was rescued, The rescuer brought her home to treat her injuries. He started caring for her around the clock. The Calico kitten was named Nene.

The man was at the right place and at the right time when the kitten fell. The next day, the river burst it’s banks and the little kitten would have been washed away if no one saw her time.

Uzu and Nene channel

Nene was still scared after moving into her new home. She was so weak and terrified, but after getting introduced to an older cat in the family, Nene began to regain her strength.

The othe cat is Uzu, a friendly ginger kitty who is also a rescue, came to meet the new family member.

Uzu and Nene channel

After several days, Nene’s health improved and she started to regain the use of her back legs. With the muscles getting stronger every day she began to walk again.

Uzu and Nene channel

A year later, Nene is a completely different cat and it just shows what love and attention can do to change a life forever.

Uzu and Nene channel

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