Guy Risks His Marriage For A Stray 3-Legged Cat

Zorro, A stray 3-legged cat was scheduled to be euthanized, And when Mike heard about Zorro’s story on social media, he knew he had to save the poor kitty. He even risked his marriage just to give this poor kitty a good life.
Mike saw a picture of Zorro on social media stating that this cat needs to find a home within that day because the staff at the animal shelter were euthanizing the kittens. Mike knew he had to rescue this poor kitten. He didn’t hesitated and travel a 20-hour round trip just to save Zorro. Mike wants to foster him until he found a forever home. But after a few days, Mike realized that he was in loved with this little kitty and really didn’t want to give him up. But he already had two cats and his partner didn’t agree to have a third cat. Mike was putting his marriage on the line because deep inside his heart, he knew he couldn’t just give up this three-legged kitty.

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