Heroic Woman Risks Her Own Life To Save 20+ Cats From Burning Building

A compassionate woman didn’t think twice and risked her life to rescue kittens and cats from a burning building. She courageously rushed into the burning room filled with thick smoke despite being warned not to go inside.

Courtesy of Jean Favini of Oasis For Animals

Jean Favini, the President of Oasis for Animals (Langley WA), knew that these helpless cats and kittens would not survive if she won’t act fast.

The fire started out at about 4:30 p.m. in the building next to her home. It’s on the top floor of the building where they cared for little kittens and few senior cats. According to the fire department, The blaze started from a microwave; neither were in use at the time.

“The microwave that started the fire somehow burst into flames when no one was in the room or using it,” Favini told Love Meow.

“It generated a thick, black toxic smoke so I couldn’t see anything. A minute longer and there would have been no chance for the poor cats.”

Courtesy of Jean Favini of Oasis For Animals

When Favini noticed plumes of black smoke coming from the microwave, she immediately called for help. The 911 operator advised her to stay outside, but she knew that if she would wait for them, the poor cats would not survive.

Courtesy of Jean Favini of Oasis For Animals

“It was a relatively small fire, and it was out by the time we had gotten there,” Chief Rusty Palmer said. “A few cats perished from the smoke. Jean thinks one of the cats may have turned a stove burner on.”

Favini and the firefighters tried their best to save all of them. Unfortunately, some of the kittens didn’t make it. Favini said she tried “mouth to snout”. One kitten didn’t survive by the time it was outside, and another died after a few minutes. Two had to be put down, and another didn’t make it through Sunday night.

Courtesy of Jean Favini of Oasis For Animals

“I thought we were going to lose them all,” Favini said. “My face, hands and hair were black, so I had to go to the hospital later to get tested for smoke inhalation.”

Courtesy of Jean Favini of Oasis For Animals

A reporter from South Whidbey Record visited Favini and the rescued cats Monday afternoon. Favini said that the cats are getting better and showing signs of improvement. Some of the cats just ate for the first time during the reporter’s visit and Favini said they were “finally acting like cats again.”

If you would like to help these precious cats and kittens, you can visit their website here and Follow Oasis for Animals on Facebook.

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