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How One Woman Turned a Disabled Feral Cat into a Sweet Cuddly Kitty

The internet is full of stories of people rescuing animals in need and nursing them back to health. These stories are touching, and they remind us of the power of kindness and compassion. One such story is that of a feral cat named Joey, who was rescued by a kind-hearted person and given a new lease on life.
Joey was brought into a shelter with a lot of fear in his eyes. The shelter staff said that he was feral and aggressive, and that he would probably never be able to live in a home. However, someone the rescuer knew brought Joey to the shelter, and they couldn’t bear to leave him there. They knew that they had to take him home, or he wouldn’t make it.
When the rescuer brought Joey home, he was meowing loudly and seemed scared. But the rescuer was patient, offering him food and taking things slowly. Eventually, they were able to give Joey his first little pet, and he was so into it. Joey didn’t have front legs, so the rescuer imagined that he had a hard life. But despite his difficult past, Joey wasn’t aggressive at all. He just needed someone to believe in him.
Joey had mange and was pretty dirty, so the rescuer gave him a bath and warmed him up in a blanket. They sat with him for eight hours a day in a guest bedroom, not really knowing what they were doing. But they persevered, and after a few days, Joey knew he was safe with them.
One day, the rescuer’s other cat, Kitty Boy, became interested in meeting Joey. At first, Joey wasn’t interested in playing with toys, but he slowly became more involved and interested in Kitty Boy. Watching them play together was funny, and Joey’s personality began to shine through.
Every week, Joey showed huge leaps of improvement, and he became the sweetest, cuddliest cat the rescuer had ever met. Despite his difficult past, Joey had so much love to give and was willing to receive love in return.

Credits: The Dodo

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