This Guy Found a Kitten Left For Dead, Rescued & Gave Him a New Life


This little guy right here is my new kitten

So the little floof you see on my shoulder, sorry for the few selfies, is a kitten who so far has had a pretty rough life. Luckily though we are able to give him a good one. This picture here is within the first 5 minutes of me holding him. He climbed straight up my chest and rested there. (He also is currently on my shoulder again as I’m typing this. He made it his spot) I decide to name him Abner, Headbutter of Evil, Destroyer of Worlds. Abner for short.


He switched positions and looked over the room until I left



Riding the shoulder a little bit

So I took it in and have been caring for it for a few days now. Shortly after this picture he climbed down into my lap and passed out for the hour car ride home.


Meeting the fam

You can see he has a new older brother, Ringo, who was all but thrilled to have a new mouth in the house but he warmed up pretty quickly to Abner. I made a little litter box for him to use, which he picked up on quickly, and had this little padding as a bed.


No banana but small scratching post for scale

So far since he has been home I haven’t had to feed him myself. I put some wet cat food down and some kitten formula and he went for the wet food first then slurped down the formula. Eat and drinks all on his own and everything. Always comforting seeing when he has a full belly.



Here he is freshly after eating and drinking the formula, still a tad bit of a messy eater but its cute watching him.



This is Ringo, the past few days he’s been a little sketched out by his new housemate, but today he was licking him and trying to get Abner to play with him. Ringo is just a bit bigger than Abner, so Abner is a little scared to really play with him.

tl;dr – Abner was abandoned by his parents and siblings. Left for dead in a pile of ants, was rescued and brought back to health. Since his recovery he has sworn to defeat the Evil that is ants, and take down all possibilities of them hurting the future generations by destroying this planet and all planets thereafter. Making him become, "Abner, Headbutter of Evil, Destroyer of Worlds!If this does well enough I will happily keep updates of him growing up and getting bigger. Thanks for reading Imgur!

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