Neighbors unite to Save The Little Cat that was stuck inside a fence

This Little Cat was stuck inside a fence for hours and meowing for help. When her owner found her and she called for help.


At about 1 PM

So, apparently this cat got stuck in our fence late this morning… The cat’s owner (with the umbrella) rallied my roommate and another neighbor to help save her kitten. I took pictures.


The Situation

Yup, that’s the inside of the fence. My roommate poured water down to help fend off dehydration while we figured out a course of action.


Our neighbor, The Hero

We decided rather than rip the fence apart, that cutting a hole would work. Of course, it wasn’t until after the hole that we saw the kitten was about another foot underground. Once we saw how much deeper underground the kitten was, an how the hole wasn’t big enough for a hand, arm, and kitten to pull through….


The Kitten escapes

Once the little champ stuck her head out, she patiently allowed us to slowly and carefully get her out without incurring any injuries on the sharp edges of the hole we cut.


They finally save the cat!

Seriously, it must have been at least ninety degrees by the time we pulled her out (at about 2pm). We were all happy when it was finally over.

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