This Lost Kitten Was Stuck Inside A Wall What Happens Next Is Priceless

Lost kitten will become temple cat after monks rescue it from inside the temple walls

An abandoned kitten was lost and ended up stuck inside a temple wall when searching for its mother. Fortunately, there are people inside the temple who heard this poor kitten mewing for help.

Reported by TOMO NEWS


lost kitten
The Lost Kitten Has now A Forever Home


Precious little kitten is resting after getting rescued.

“CHIAYI, TAIWAN — Monks meditating in a local Buddhist temple in Chiayi, Taiwan, were surprised to hear the sound of faint mewling coming from the walls.

After a little investigation the monks found a tiny kitten trapped inside the walls of the temple. They were able to rescue the kitten, who was probably abandoned by its mother after becoming lost inside the wall.”


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