Sweet Bonding Of Lovely Cat and Cute Baby. Warning: Contagious Laughter

Babies and Cats are really the best and the most effective way to brighten someone’s day. They can change your mood and make you smile within seconds.  So if you’re having a bad day i suggest that you watch this adorable video and you’ll be all smiles after this.

Sweet Bonding Of Lovely Cat and Cute Baby
This Cute Baby is really having fun while their adorable cat tries to clean her by licking her tiny toe.

After a nice evening bath, the kitty wants to help by licking clean the baby’s toes. And the baby finds it hysterically funny (as do Dad and Mom, off-camera).  Commented by A. David Lewis

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: Sweet Bonding Of Lovely Cat and Cute Baby

Credits A. David Lewis | YouTube

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