Loyal Cat Kept Visiting His Deceased Owner’s Grave. Bringing Gifts to his Friend

It was a normal day in Italy, When a man tragically passed away. Leaving his family and his faithful and loving cat named Toldo. After the man’s funeral, The Friends and the Family of the deceased man didn’t expected that Toldo the cat was also present during the funeral. Told the cat followed the scent of his deceased best friend and kept watching during the funeral. Afterwards, The people started to disperse but Toldo the cat stayed beside his deceased friend’s final resting place.


The day after the funeral, The widow of the deceased man visited the grave again. “We went to the cemetery with my daughter and found a sprig of acacia on the grave. I immediately thought that it was the cat, but my daughter was convinced that I was just in a very emotional state at that moment,” she told the news source.


The loyal cat kept visiting his best friend’s grave all by himself. Sometimes, Toldo brings different kinds of gifts to honor his friend after his death. 


Credits: AppleDailyEnglish | Godvine

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