Meet Luna The Singing Cat That Will Amaze You. Watch Her First Single Now

Meet Luna, The adorable cat who loves to sing with her human dad. This adorable cat was rescued from the street by a kind man named Razvan Alexandru.

According to Luna’s Human daddy Luna just doesn’t want to sing she also loves to hang and bond with her Human all the time. “Too bad she is crying her heart out when I leave for work in the morning.” Razvan Alexandru told us.

luna the singing cat
Luna is so sweet and knows how to show how much she loves her human dad. “I guess it’s a human undercover. When she’s kissing me, she always try to lick my lip” Said Razvan Alexandru.


luna the singing cat 2
Move over Taylor Swift, We have a new superstar!


“She likes indeed to interfere with my singing most of the time, although my guess is she is just asking for food or company. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the music I play (mostly metal), but she had a great response when I played for her from Youtube some nice cat music, some Bach (Air, especially) and nature sounds.”  commented by Razvan Alexandru.


Credits Razvan Alexandru.
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